3 Tips For Tackling Drug Addiction When You & Your Partner Both Need Help

If you and your partner are both addicted to drugs, it is important to seek treatment and look forward instead of dwelling on the past. Whether you both became addicted during your relationship or you met as two separate people already tackling addiction, all that matters now is that you both get the help that you need to learn to live drug-free lives. Here are some tips for success when you and your partner want to begin tackling addiction. 

1. Realize That You Both Must Get Clean

Before you make plans for you and your partner's drug addiction treatment, first make sure that your partner agrees that it is time to end their habit. If they don't seem to have the same urge to get clean as you do, then you don't have to give up on them right away. Have a long talk with them and discuss why you want to get clean to encourage them to think deeply about their problem and discuss their feelings as well.  

Stage an intervention with his or her family and friends if you have to. A popular psychology magazine advises to have a mental health professional supervise a drug intervention to make sure it is helpful to everyone and there is an expert present to keep the conversation on a healthy track. 

In the end, it is your partner's decision whether they want to seek treatment or not, and if they decide not to, then you unfortunately cannot continue your relationship with them until they get sober. Staying with a partner who abuses drugs when you are clean poses a huge risk to your sobriety. 

2. Decide if It is Best to Go to Rehab Together or Separately

A tough, yet important, decision that will have to be made after you and your partner both agree you need to go to rehab is deciding whether you should both attend the same facility or attend separate ones. There is no decision that is right for every couple, but it is important to realize that going to separate treatment facilities in no way means your relationship is doomed after treatment. Some partners just thrive in their own programs better than they do in a couples program. 

Ask yourself these questions when deciding as a couple whether to go to separate rehab facilities or the same one:

  • Does your relationship show signs of co-dependency? If so, then it may be best to attend treatment separately so both partners can learn how to do their part in a healthy relationship again. 
  • Were you both abusing drugs already when you met? If yes, then it is likely best to attend different rehab facilities. You can then each reevaluate whether you have much in common other than your past drug use. 
  • Did you have a healthy relationship together sober before you both developed drug habits? If yes, then your history shows that you may be able to help each other through rehab as a couple by attending the same program.  

When in doubt, it can help to speak to a rehab facility director or counselor for help making this tough decision. Some rehab facilities that are larger may also be able to take you both but give you each very independent treatment plans. 

3. Make Exciting Plans for After Rehab

Getting clean as a couple is a huge step that has its own rewards. However, once you are both finished with rehab, you and your partner will both have some extra time on your hands and, after you have gotten caught up on any bills you got behind on, you'll have extra cash that you used to spend on drugs. 

So, make some exciting plans to look forward to when sober. Have you both wanted to start working out to get into great shape for a fun beach getaway? Join a local gym together and start making your workouts priority until you save the cash for that exotic vacation. Working out is also a great, healthy hobby that has been shown to help keep recovering addicts sober. It not only kills time, but it releases natural feel-good chemicals in your brain. 

Remember to embrace sobriety and enjoy getting outside and doing things you used to want to do but couldn't because you were stuck in the endless spiral of addiction. 

Getting sober when tackling drug addiction is tough whether you are single or live with a partner who also has an addiction. Realize that you both need to get sober to begin living healthier lives both mentally and physically. Follow these tips and remember that choosing to go to rehab will be the best decision you have ever made as a couple. 

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